Exclusive Interview with Patric Niederhauser

Patric Niederhauser has teamed up with Arden International for the 2014 GP3 season after spending two years driving for Jenzer Motorsport.

The Swiss driver, 22, has two race wins and a further four GP3 podiums in his cabinet and has expressed that he hopes to “bring more trophies home for his dad.”

In his first interview since last week’s announcement, Patric Niederhauser talks openly about the deal and the season ahead.

Q. Congratulations on your seat with Arden in GP3. What are your feelings about the news?

A. Thank you very much. I feel absolutely great and I can’t wait for Estoril to jump into the car. I am also happy to know early on what I’m actually going to do this year. With this I can concentrate myself fully on training and preparing the season with my new team.

Q. You’ve contested in two season of GP3 before this season but with Jenzer. How are you looking forward to a new challenge with this team?

A. Well, a couple of things are going to be different now. For the first time in my career I will work with a team that’s not based in Switzerland. Already during the post-season tests in Abu Dhabi I realized that the way to work and the mentality is different. I’m really looking forward to get it started.

Q. You’ve won two races and been on the podium some four other times. Do you expect to add to this tally with Arden?

A. My goal is to fight for the championship and obviously to win as many races as possible. We have to work hard and give our best and the rest will come by itself. I hope to bring some more trophies home for my dad.

Q. At the end of this year, you’ll have three years’ worth of GP3 experience under your belt. Will you hope to move on next year?

A. Normally the plan is to spend only two years in the same category as a young driver. But with the arriving of the new car last year and the lack of a good results, I think I made the right decision about one more year in GP3. The future will show it.

Q. Last season, after a very good start, you seemed to struggle to make the cut. What were the reasons for this?

A. That’s a difficult question. For sure there was not only one reason for that. A couple of bad things came together and I also had many times just bad luck. But obviously we also lacked speed. People have different opinions but I for myself know – or at least I think I know – why. It’s hard to judge it right.

Q. For 2014 however, we have a calendar of nine events, including a new event in Russia. Are you looking forward to this new challenge, or do you have a preferred circuit?

A. I’m very looking forward to Sochi. A new circuit is always nice to discover. But honestly I’m actually really looking forward to the whole season. They are all circuits I really like and especially Austria is a race I can’t wait for.

Q. And finally, can you tell us something interesting about yourself?

A. To keep it simple: Anything with four wheels, a steering wheel and an engine. That’s basically all I need to have fun.


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